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  1. How do I download a file?
    • Premonition does not offer individual track downloads. So, after you purchase a product, a download link will appear in you’re My Orders pages in your account. This file is a .ZIP file. .ZIP files are files that compress the files together by a lossless compression. After downloading, if you click on the file, you will be prompted to unzip or extract the files, and to choose a place on your computer to extract the files. This will uncompress the files into MP3 format that you purchased and put them in the place you chose-we recommend putting them on your Desktop so you are sure where the files or folder went. Those files can then be dragged into your music player or any folder of your choice.

      Most computers come with this ZIP software preinstalled. If your computer does not have an unzip program, there are plenty of places to find it online. Most allow you to download an evaluation or demo copy of the software which is active for a set period of time (i.e. 15 days). Click HERE for WinZip's free trial download.

      If you run into any problems, please contact us at help(at)premonitionrecords(d o t) com.

      Procedures for Downloading:

      1) Go to your account and click My Orders
      2) Next to your order item, there will be a DOWNLOAD link—click that link.
      3) You will be prompted to Save or Open the file—choose the location where you would like to save the file, and click SAVE
      4) Once the file has successfully downloaded the file (most computers will show you when the file is done), click the file to open it.
      5) If you have a valid copy of WinZip or any other ZIP program (StuffItX, etc.), you will be asked to extract or unarchive the files. Choose this option and select where the file will be extracted to on your computer.
      6) When the ZIP file has been unarchived, click the UNZIPPED folder. You should see all of the songs, plus an JPEG (artwork). Drag these files into your iTunes, WMP, Winamp, or other Media Player.
      7) Enjoy the music.

  2. Merchandise and music returns for damaged or defective products.
    • If your order arrives and is not what you ordered, is damaged in the shipping process, or is defective, Premonition will gladly reship the order. As for the return, Premonition will pay for the return shipping by refunding your credit card for the shipping amount.

      Digital products like MP3 albums and sheet music files are not able to be returned or refunded.

      For all other inquiries relating to shipments and returns, please contact us at help(a t)premonitionrecords(d o t)com.

  3. My File Won't Download? -- Troubleshooting
    • If you receive an error message like “File Corrupt” or “Invalid File,” chances are the download was not completed before you attempted the extraction of the ZIP file. All downloads must completely finish before you can open and extract the ZIP file.

      When you download the file, choose Save As and save the file to a specific location. We recommend downloading to your desktop so you know exactly where the file is. When the file is finished downloading, double-click the ZIP file to open. This should prompt your UNZIP software to extract the file. It may prompt you to choose a location where the extracted folder containing your downloads will be placed. After the extraction is finished, you can drag the extracted folder into your iTunes or other media player.


      If you are running Microsoft Internet Explorer and Windows, you may be having trouble downloading ZIP files.

      The symptoms are:

      The file appears to download, but the file compression program that you use (for example, WinZip) opens and displays a blank window. When you search for the file, you are unable to locate it. The file does not exist on your hard disk.

      To work around this problem, Microsoft advise the following procedures.

      For case 1:
      Before you download, make sure that the Confirm open after download option is selected.
      To verify this:
      1. Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
      2. Double-click Folder Options.
      3. Click the File Types tab.
      4. Scroll down to and click the .zip extension.
      5. Click Advanced.
      6. Verify that Confirm open after download is selected.

      For case 2:
      1. Click the hyperlink, and then click Save or Save this file to disk in the File Download dialog box that appears.
      2. In the Save As dialog box, specify a location to save the file to (for example, Desktop), and then click Save.
      3. When the download is finished, open the .zip file, and then extract the files that are contained in it.

      For further information, see Microsoft Support at


      For Firefox Users:

      Please see below for instructions on Firefox downloads.

      To reach Options section within Firefox:
      Select TOOLS from top menu bar
      Select OPTIONS... from drop down menu

      Show the Downloads window when downloading a file
      With this option preference selected, Firefox will open the Downloads window
      when you start downloading a file.

      Close it when all downloads are finished Select this option preference to have Firefox close the Downloads window when all downloads currently in progress finish.

      Save files to By default downloaded files are automatically saved to the Desktop, eliminating the hassle of specifying a download location for every file you download. You can choose a different folder by clicking the Browse…Choose… button.

      Always ask me where to save files With this option preference selected, Firefox will ask you where you would like to save every downloaded file (instead of using the default location specified above).

  4. My size T-shirt is not listed online.
    • If your size is not listed on a product pages, chances are we are out of stock. If you email us at help(at)premonitionrecords(d o t)com, we can let you know when to expect the product to be back in stock.
  5. Security of credit card transactions.
    • The information that you give us will always remain secure. Your privacy is very important to us. Credit card numbers, physical addresses, and emails will never be sold, given away, or allowed access to by third parties.
  6. The shirt I ordered is the wrong size.
    • If this happens, please contact us at and we will reconcile the situation promptly.
  7. What is DRM?
    • DRM, or Digital Rights Management, is a term associated with different technologies that restrict access or usage of digital products like MP3’s. For example, some downloading websites and music industry labels use DRM code that limits the number of times a customer can burn a copy of the digital product that they purchased. Others limit the number of times you can burn the product onto a CD.

      At, you will never find any DRM code. Once you purchase a digital product from us, it is yours just as much as a physical CD or an LP.

      The download link will be active for 30 days after the purchase date. After that period, the link will disappear. If there are any problems, if your hard drive crashes and you lose you files, both Premonition and the customer retain copies of each order, and Premonition will be more than happy to allow you to have the file again.

  8. What is the difference between MP3 files and FLAC files?
    • MP3's are a file type that uses bit rate sampling that compresses the audio to lessen the size of the files making it easier to transfer electronically. The bit rate of an MP3 is shown by a number and the suffix kbps (kilobits per second). A standard MP3 has a bit rate of 160 kbps. This means that a snap shot of the audio is taken 160 times per second.

      Since MP3's compress the audio, the fidelity of the audio is lessened-the greater the number of samples, the lesser the compression. People generally agree that 160 kbps is sub-par quality. Premonition offers its MP3's at 256 kbps which is near to the CD-quality most people prefer.

      Our MP3's are sampled using Variable Bit Rate (VBR) encoding which is a "smart" encoding process. VBR encoding allows less complex portions of a file to be sampled at a lesser rate, while more complex portions can be sampled at greater rates.

      FLAC files are compressed using a lossless encoder meaning that the sound quality is that of a CD. These files are quite a bit larger, though, making the file transfer take more time. These require more server space, and therefore, they are slightly higher in price.

  9. What is your shipping policy?
    • Domestic (US & Canada)

      For domestic shipping, we charge a flat fee of $2 per order. This guarantees that the shipment will arrive in 3-5 business days. If you need the package sent Priority Mail, you can choose to do so in the shipping field in the cart view. $5 will be added to your order should you choose this option.

      International (All Other Countries)

      For international shipping we have a flat rate of $5 for orders of 1-3 physical products, and $15 for orders of more than 3 physical products. These prices are for First-Class shipping which guarantees arrival in 5-7 business days to most countries outside the US. There is no tracking number associated with these packages. Because of delays in services, plus the added time a package my take getting in and out of customs, Premonition reserves the right, should the package not arrive with 5-7 days, to not reship the order for up to 30 days.

      If you need the package sent Express Mail, you can choose to do so in the shipping field in the cart view. An added $25 will be added to the order regardless of size and you will receive a tracking number for the package.

  10. Why can’t I download MP3’s from your website in my country?
    • Some countries have restrictions on downloading because of different copyright laws or problems with piracy. If you are prompted to a message saying that you are not allowed to purchase digital music, please contact help(at)premonitionrecords(d o t)com and we will do our best to help you.

  11. ZIP File Explanation
    • All of our downloads are full album downloads. These folders contain all of the tracks in the same compressed file. The file type is a ZIP file which is a folder archive. In order to access the MP3 files within the ZIP file, you must first unarchive or extract files from the folder using an UNZIP program such as

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